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Rina S Kapoor, MD, ABOIM

Integrative Medicine & Functional Medicine located in Glen Mills, PA


When a symptom-based approach to the long-term effects of Covid 19 isn’t helping a root cause approach just might.

Here at ARA Integrative and Functional Medicine we recognize that not all long-haulers will have the same outcomes with the same treatments. We incorporate the following into specific treatment protocols.

Diet and Nutrition

Diet can be the source of inflammation. We work on incorporating a healthy balance
of fat, protein, fiber and phytonutrients through an anti-inflammatory food plan suited for
you. We may also recommend

Intermittent Fasting

Through the use of various models of fasting we can assist in “rejuvenating” the
immune system via intermittent fasting.

Micronutrient Testing

Vitamin and mineral testing for specific deficiencies that may be perpetuating your


Through the use of targeted supplements to support your mitochondria and your
immune system, we work on healing you on a cellular level. These can include
Vitamin D, NAC, glutathione, melatonin ,probiotics and numerous botanicals.

Pulmonary Recovery Recommendations

Mind body therapies including but not limited to; breathing exercises, Qigong and
osteopathic manipulations may support your pulmonary recovery.