Your Workspace and Your Health

Here are some suggestions for making your work home environment more enjoyable, productive, and healthier.

Physical Wellbeing with Computer and Visual Ergonomics

*Use a chair or standing position that supports her back

*When typing, make sure that your hands are at or below your elbows. Your knee should be level with your hips.

*Position your computer monitor 20 to 20 inches away from your eyes.

*Use a bluelight filter on all electronic devices to block the bluelight emitted from digital screens.

*Follow the "20-20-20 rule" to reduce eyestrain: Every 20 minutes, look at an object at least 20 feet away from your computer monitor for at least 20 seconds.

*Set the default font size on digital devices 3.6 mm

*After 2 hours of continuous computer use, rest your eyes for 15 minutes.

Best Practices To Support Mental Health When Working From Home

*Set boundaries between your work and personal life and keep a regular work schedule and routine. Turn off your computer after your designated work hours.

*Creative workspace separate from your living space as much as possible. When not working, remove yourself from the workspace.

*Move around during breaks and try to stand during conference calls to reduce your time spent sitting. Schedule a 2-3 minute activity break after every 30 minutes of work.

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