What's Happening to My Hair ?

Why Is This Happening?

Often times aging can cause transient loss and an overall reduction in the number of hair follicles.  If you are, however,  experiencing ongoing heavy hair loss further investigation needs to be made into the following root causes:
1. Poor Gut Health And Nutritional deficiencies.
2. Autoimmune diseases including celiac disease
3. Iron deficiency
4. Thyroid disease
5. Insulin resistance
6. Environmental factors and toxins
7. Imbalance of Sex hormones 
8. Stress and HPA axis dysfunction

Tips For Good Hair Growth:

Try an elimination diet.  There are oftentimes food triggers, additives, sweeteners, etc. that promote inflammation which can often lead to hair loss.  Work with your provider to determine whether a 4 to 6-week elimination diet may be right for you.

For starters, make sure you are using good-quality hair products that are in containers that are both BPA and phthalate-free. Check out the Environmental Working Groups Clean Beauty Website. Here you will find a vast array of both shampoo and conditioners along with a full array of hair care products that have been vetted for your use.

Avoid over-styling, excessive heat, or hot showers and harsh styling products can leave the roots of your hair brittle and more likely to fall out.

Do I Need To Get Tested?

If the above measures fail to produce results testing may often be needed. At ARA Integrative and Functional Medicine in Glen Mills, PA, we are able to test nutrient panels, along with comprehensive stool analysis and your immune status to further investigate the root cause of your hair loss. To get started, please contact us at  https://www.araintegrative.com.

Now Serving Mainline Philadelphia, Villanova, Wayne , Swarthmore, West Chester, Ardmore, and Wilmington, DE. 



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