Mold Illness

Mold Toxicity, Biotoxin illness or CIRS

Chronic inflammatory response syndrome, acquired following exposure to water-damaged buildings, is a multisystem, multisymptom illness mediated by persistent innate immune activations from mycotoxins ( aka mold spores). 

Mycotoxins enter the body through inhalation, dermal absorption, and ingestion. Mycotoxins raise havoc in the body by decreasing the formation of glutathione, our body's greatest antioxidant. These toxins specifically decreased gene expression of the enzyme to make glutathione.  This leads to an increase in oxidative stress and overall tissue and DNA damage.

There are many different symptoms that can present when an individual has a mold illness. They can differ from one person to the next even if the individual lives in the same household. Symptoms can also show up long after your initial exposure.

These can all be signs that you have been exposed to mold:

Brain fog, memory loss, headaches, sensitivity to stimulation, difficulty concentrating, and learning struggles.

Sensitivities to food, irritable bowel syndrome, sluggish bile, and digestive symptoms.

Weight gain or the inability to lose weight

Asthma, shortness of breath, chest tightness, cough, sore throat

Easily irritated or itchy eyes, blurred vision, sensitivity to light

Sensitivity to chemicals, odors, lights and sounds.

Rashes, flareups in hives, skin dryness

Chronic runny nose, congestion, sneezing

Frequent flulike symptoms, recurrent illness, and inability to fight infections

Lack of the ability to sweat

Achy joints and muscles, morning stiffness

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Are you experiencing any of these signs or symptoms? Do you have a history of exposure to water-damaged buildings?  At ARA integrative functional medicine we can assess for mold-related illness.

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At ARA Integrative and Functional Medicine in Glen Mills, PA  we utilize the urinary mycotoxin from The Great Plains Lab. The MycoTox Profile is a comprehensive mycotoxin test that applies advanced mass spectrometry combined with liquid chromatography to test urine samples for very low levels of toxins.  It is able to screen for 11 different mycotoxins from 40 different species of mold in 1 urine sample. 

With the use of advanced detox therapies, gastric binders,  mitochondrial support, food filters, and environmental mitigation we get you back on the road to health.

If you have not been exposed to water-damaged buildings and are suffering from chronic unexplainable symptoms please come visit us at ARA Integrative and Functional Medicine in Glen Mills Pennsylvania.


Now serving the greater Philadelphia area, Mainline Philadelphia, Wilmington, Delaware, Downingtown, King of Prussia, and South Jersey.

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