Hormone Balance

Hormone imbalance may manifest differently depending on your age as well as environmental exposures.  Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an extremely common intervention, but it has its own risks to health and may apiculate other cellular and hormonal functions in the body that can negatively impact mood, cognition and sleep.  To take a deeper look into hormonal issues, please visit us at:  Https://www.araintegrative.com/services/hormone-imbalance

Natural ways to balance your hormones include:
1. Eating clean-avoiding sugars, processed foods and antigenic food items including gluten and dairy  which can increase overall inflammatory burden as well as toxic load.

2. Watch your alcohol intake-avoiding alcoholic beverages or limiting their use.

3. Use nontoxic personal care products- log onto www.ewg.org and take a look at their Skin-Deep clean beauty recommendations for nontoxic cosmetic and personal care products.

4.  Filter you are drinking water-at ARA Integrative and Functional Medicine in Glen Mills,  Pennsylvania we are able to test you for specific metals and environmental exposures that may be causing your chronic health conditions. These are often linked to contaminated water supplies and hence filtering your water for specific toxins can help improve outcomes related to health.

5.  Do  a liver cleanse-this should be done under the supervision of a medical practitioner and when done correctly can be very therapeutic and improve chronic symptoms of hormonal imbalance.


6.  Take liver-supportive nutraceuticals: At ARA Integrative and Functional medicine we construct a program to specifically support your liver's natural detox ability under direct medical supervision. Please visit us at ARA Integrative and Functional Medicine in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania   https://www.araintegrative.com/  to see if we can help with your symptoms of hormonal imbalances. 


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